Lloyd Thorley

Inducted 2019

Lloyd Thorley is a legend in Formula 500 racing, having won three Australian Champions and five short circuit titles, as well as a plethora of state crowns.

He began racing at the age of 26 in 1970, and after dabbling in TQ’s and Sedans he became a Formula 500 superstar in the 1980’s. The Newcastle Motordrome was his fortress, and he would often win races even with a one lap handicap.

Thorley was the NSW Jawa agent for many years and rebuilt many engines for rival competitors. Lloyd liked strong competition and was always ready to give advice to fellow competitors on how to improve the setup of their car and what gearing to run. Respected for his fair & unselfish attitude, Lloyd made a number of pioneering contributions to the technical advancement of the F500, such as wings that assisted with performance and stability. A Life member and former President of the NSW F500 Association, Lloyd can still be seen at speedway tracks supporting his beloved class of racing.